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Advice and Support During COVID 19

SELF HEALING and maintaining a HEALTHY SELF during an enforced lifestyle-change!

ACHES, PAIN and INJURIES, carry on, even when we’re staying indoors, unable to get physical treatment.

In these strange and unprecedented times we are physically isolated from each other, and in some cases, physically isolated from everyone. Touch is really important for our health and well being and as an osteopath used to working with other people’s bodies to reduce pain, realign sore joints and encourage better mobility, I thought I’d offer some information and support on self-help, and specific exercises and remedies to do at home for different parts of the body.

Please visit my Easy Home Exercises page for some diagrams on easy exercises to relieve pain. There are also some self-help ideas for rehabilitation after a bout of flu/COVID19/respiratory compromise, that involve gentle stretches and exercises to improve movement of the ribs and drainage of the chest.

I will update my website, and post notifications on my Facebook page, which you can follow here, for updates.

All the best, stay well and contact me with ideas or comments if you try these ideas and they help.

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Dianna has been a registered Osteopath since 1994, based in Crouch End, North London, Dianna specialises in back pain, joint pain and Cranial Osteopathy. Since graduating from the College of Osteopaths, Dianna established her own practice in Crouch End, North London, she has also been teaching at the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy in the UK and abroad since 2004.


While we are in lockdown in the UK Dianna will not be seeing patients face to face for the moment, (14.04.20) but please feel free to call Dianna, on the below numbers if you have any questions.

In the meantime, please do take a look around the website for updates on home exercises for self-care and wellbeing.

020 8348 5848
07957 634919
[email protected]

Hornsey Central Health Centre
151 Park Road
Crouch End
N8 8JD

"Dianna kindly had a video call with me and my 3-month-old baby during lockdown. Her warmth and friendliness made the experience really enjoyable. She asked lots of questions about our baby and his birth and gave us some great exercises/activities to do with him which he is really enjoying.

The call made me think about how I can support him to move in different ways and release any tensions in his body throughout our daily routines. I'm looking forward to booking in a face to face session with Dianna when lockdown is over!".

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